Shoe String Filming was founded by Actor/Writer Alexandre Ross in 2006.

Shoe String Filming is a small, micro budget film company based in East London. The majority of our film projects are “in house” productions, however, collaborations with similar level production teams have happened previously.

We specialise in short films and showreels. The vast majority of our projects are entered into film festivals or are screened in small venues across London.  Our showreel service, which launched in 2009, has been a big success and has already helped many actors in gaining more work and representation. Please refer to our testimonials page if you are seeking this service.

We are a company that is proud to be known for, not only the quality of their work, but also the calibre people we work with. We only work with people who genuinely want to create something special and actually enjoy working in this fun, exciting, ever-changing industry. If you are one those people that truly love the industry they are in and want to expand their portfolio please get in touch with us: alexandre@shoestringfilming.com. We believe that everyone, especially those at the start of their careers, has the potential to produce gripping, thought provoking, professional films. Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start with enthusiastic people in the same position as you?

All of our actors and crew are promoted on the website, alongside our films, with a view to raising everyone’s profile; we are always willing to help our actors and crew network in any way we can. Everyone we work with also gets a copy of the work produced.

Background on Shoe String Filming:

Founded by Actor/Writer Alexandre Ross in 2006, Shoe String Filming has gone from strength to strength. Staring from humble beginnings as a small micro budget film company, that solely made high calibre, thought provoking shorts, Shoe String Filming is also currently enjoying successes from their Showreel Services and has recently launched Corporate Events service, whilst continuing to produce great shorts.

To find out more about Alexandre Ross as an actor please visit his official websites: www.alexandreross.co.uk  www.alexandreross.com

Alexandre began writing theatre scripts in 2005 as an hobby whilst training as an actor in college, in an attempt to improve his technique as an actor, by increasing his understanding of script construction and conventions. After submitting several plays to major London theatres and receiving positive feedback, Alexandre decided to branch out and begun working on film scripts.

Alexandre decided to set up a film group. The idea behind the group was to bring writers, actors, camera operators, directors ,photographers, editors and various other creatives from all backgrounds together to work on collaborative projects. However, not many people shared this view.

Alexandre then decided to change his group’s approach. Shoe String Filming, would now become a weekend film company, allowing people to work during the week and also work on films at weekends. This offered people with little more than ambition and some training, the opportunity to not only work on new films, gain footage and experience, but also to network and promote themselves. The idea was to offer an alternative to current working methods.

After a few years of polishing scripts and recruiting people, Alexandre finally began filming with his company in 2009. Our first film “Family Trade” was screened at The Actors Expo 2009 and received a warm reception.

From May 2010 Alexandre started offering an actor’s showreel service and Shoe String Filming now offers actors on a budget the chance to gain a new reel at a competitive price.

Since then Shoe String Filming has grown and developed over the past few years. We have worked with many talented and exciting people, from all different backgrounds. With each passing year, we are evolving to work on bigger, bolder projects, always keen to push the boundaries of our creative and technical abilities.

Support Us:

We are a micro budget film company and all of our work is self-funded. If you would like to support our work and us and help us fund new and exciting projects, please feel free to make a donation below; no amount is too small. If you wish to donate towards a specific project please see our “Future Projects” section to find out more about upcoming projects. Anyone making a donation will be credited in our films and will receive special mention at any events we’re invited to.

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