Future Projects

We have details on all our future/upcoming projects in this section. This where you can read breakdowns of projects and apply accordingly if a project interests you.

Currently Casting: 

We are not currently casting for any projects.

The best way to apply for a project is by using our submission forms on this website. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR CV. 

Just as a note (as we do get asked regularly). All of our casting breakdowns will also be available online at Casting Call Pro & Spotlight when shoot dates have been confirmed. However the majority of projects will appear here first.

All actors applying must apply with a headshot and CV (Spotlight CV’s preferred), please list any relevant experience you may have for the role,like wise if you have a showreel please include this in your application.

Also unless stated on the breakdown. Please assume the project is a Low/No Pay project.

This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement, helping to ensure all actors involved receive a copy of the final footage in a timely fashion. Protecting Actors : SHIELD:1236

In addition to this all of our films will be submitted to festivals and hosted on our Youtube/Viemo Channels. We will also endeavour  to promote our cast via this website (see actors or crew pages).


If you would like to apply for a role on the production side click here to submit your details.

CREW: Cameraman/DOP

We are looking for a confident DOP/Cameraman , preferably with his own professional camera. Experiences in previous short films is essential. We are looking for someone who can take an original storyboard and suggest new ideas and if required help draw the new storyboard.  You will be required to view locations before the shoot with the director.

CREW: Editor

We are looking for a passionate editor who can see potential where others can’t. We are entrusting you to create the film so you will need to be hardworking and dedicated. Working independently using your own software (Final Cut), and meeting deadlines. We would prefer applicants who have knowledge of industry standard programs such as Final Cut, Avid, Premier, After Effects, Colour.

CREW: Music Composer

We are looking for a music composer who can watch a finished film and create music that ties in with the projects themes. We are looking for a unique individual that can bring their own style to the group. You will be working closely with the editor and director to create a beautiful piece. We are interested in all sorts of musicians, in particular Spanish guitar would be a plus but is not essential.



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