Have you been on TV recently? Maybe you’ve done a few feature films? Or maybe you have done an endless amount of short films and student films. In any case, you’ve done all the hard work and after months of waiting (possibly longer) you finally have some good material and you now just need a showreel to show off your best bits.

But what are your best bits?

Should I get a montage at the start, in middle or maybe even at the end?

Should I even have a montage?

Should I put my agent’s details on the front of reel?

How do I get the footage off the DVD and onto my PC?

I have a VHS with some footage, how do I get that on my PC and will the quality be good enough?

I have some files on my PC that are in AVI format some in MOV and some in MPEG what are theses does it matter what do I do?

Let’s face it, you just want a video that shows off your best side and gets you more paid work. So let us worry about all those questions (and any others you have). Send us all your files, DVDs, VHS’ whatever you have and we will find the best bits for you, put them all into one easy friendly format and make you a showreel that will only show you at your best!

We will keep in contact with you throughout the entire editing process and discuss what will be the best way your reel can represent you. No two actors showreels are ever the same so let us help you stand out from the crowd.

We take your footage. We edit your footage. We then email you a finished copy of your showreel via , we make a copy easily available via our YouTube channel which allows you to email and host your showreel on your website. We can even upload your new reel to Spotlight and Casting Call Pro (See our uploading page) if you want.

Most showreels can be edited within a week! (However, please note that this is dependent upon the quantity of material & your personal requirements; this week’s turnaround could be considerably longer/shorter).

Use our booking form and get your showreel edited now and stand out from the crowd.


1) How Much Do You Charge?


2) How Long Does It Take To Edit?

Most showreels take less then 5 days to edit. Our fastest turnover has been 2hours! It depends on how organised you are as an actor, the quality, location, and format of your footage.

3) Can I Sit In On The Edit?


4) How Do I Receive my Showreel?

We email a file directly to your from We also make a download available from our showreel download page. We can either upload the showreel to Spotlight or CCP for free as long as you provide us with your log in details.

5) Do I Get A DVD?

Only upon request and we have to charge for the postage.

Showreel Examples

For a full range of showreels please visit our YouTube Channel.

 Continuous Acting Showreels  : showreels that just have acting and no gimmicks 

  • Quickly show a casting director your ability.
  • The most efficent edit possible.
  • Showing off your top scenes.
  • Keeping the entire showreel 3minutes or under.

 Showreels With Montages :Gimmick Showreels featuring montages that show short collections of an actors work accompanied with a musical track of their choice and title effects. 

  • Show off some personality with a track of your choice.
  • Show off a wider range of material and roles quickly.
  • Using editing tricks to make your showreel more memorable.



Our Most Popular Showreels:These showreels have a huge number of hits on our YouTube Channel and are still getting more views day by day why not check them out yourself and see what all the fuss is about.