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Welcome to the Film Page!

Here at Shoe String Filming ,we are so proud of our work we like to show it off. So on this page you can watch some of our productions online at anytime you want.

Some of the more eagle eyed viewers out there will notice some of our films are not currently online. This is due in part, to some legal reasons, and also because some of our films are currently in the middle of a festival circuit and we have been politely asked, by some of the festivals, to remove them “temporally” from our website. Never fear they will return eventually, but for now, some of the films credited on our film page will remain unavailable.

All our film trailers are currently online please support us and leave us any comments if you have seen one of our films at a festival.

Films Currently Online: The Diet Plan, Hit and Run, 7th String (3min), Family Trade, Who Are You? (Long), Breeding in Essex, Delivery

Films in Post Production: N/A

Films Currently Entered at Festivals:  Delivery

Films in Pre Production: The Girlfriend Effect, Tim and Jane, Auditorium

Current Film Festival Screenings: N/A



Our shorts are in order of creation our first being Family Trade and so forth.  Check them out and watch as we grow as company.  Its a bumpy road but my gosh its fun and entertaining! Click on a poster to load a movie!




Showreel Scenes Created From Scratch:

Here’s a selection of some of our best showreel scenes we’ve created to date!

All the scenes below are in-house productions produced by Shoe String Filming. They are designed purely to give an actor “showcasing material”.  We have no repeat policy with our Showreels Created From Scratch.   This means we don’t recycle scripts. We write specially for the actors needs.

Click on an image below to view the video:


11AM Created by Shoe String FilmingWaiting Created by Shoe String FilmingJames Created by Shoe String FilmingFlowers To Pot Created by Shoe String Filming




The Score Created by Shoe String FilmingEvidence Created by Shoe String FilmingListen and Respond Created by Shoe String FilmingThe Truth Created by Shoe String Filming

Army Short Film Created by Shoe String Filming Experience Created by Shoe String Filming Searching Created by Shoe String Filming
Apple Created by Shoe String Filming Trust Created by Shoe String Filming Toby Created by Shoe String Filming Kindle Created by Shoe String Filming
Hide and Seek Created by Shoe String Filming The boss Created by Shoe String Filming One Drink Created by Shoe String Filming Conversations With Darren Created by Shoe String Filming



Every now and again we help other micro budget companies out on there projects check some out below:



What do you think of our movies?:

We would love to hear from you. If you just watched one of our films fill in the form below and let us know what you thought. We want to know if you loved/hated it, did it make you laugh/cry , or if you have any tips or pointers. Every bit of feedback helps we want to make awesome films help us out by letting us know if we’re on the right track:

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