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Here at Shoe String Filming ,we are so proud of our work.

When we first started in 2006 our main goal was to make films. Film is a wonderful medium that can educate and inspire. We have had so much fun making films and want to share our work with you.

Hopefully you enjoy our films as much as we enjoyed making them.


Background: This took us over two years to shoot and complete. Our original shoot was ruined by rain! Despite our best efforts we had to do an entire reshoot. We just didn’t have enough good material to make the film work. We also lost a lot of our crew as they picked up jobs in television. This meant a new cast and crew had to be sourced. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Synopsis : Don’t you just hate a miscommunication in customer service? Ryan gets more than he bargained for with his latest delivery.

Background: Can you tell a story with no words?  Can you tell a story using just music? This was our starting point.

Synopsis :An exploration of how a relationship develops and evolves via communicate through music.


Every now and again we help other micro budget companies out on there projects check some out below:

The Early Days: 

In 2009 we began making films. Years of planning and training all came together to create three short films. Before 2009 we were mostly doing editing jobs, music videos and corporate shoots. That all changed in 2009. We just did it. These films are far from perfect but everyone involved put everything into making them.

We are so proud of these films. Everyone has to start somewhere and this was our beginning.

Background:Our very first movie shot in the summer of 2009 in SD on Cannon XH-A1 (Mini DV) released in 2010. First screened at the 2009 Actors Expo in London, entered in various festivals.

Synopsis :
Jonathan is the owner of a local shop and the father of two young boys. His business is struggling to remain lucrative and even worse it’s no longer able to provide for his family. Desperate times calls for desperate measure.


Background:Our second every film and we were still getting to grips with filmmaking. Most our crew being very young and inexpirenced this was more of a passion project. The entire film was shot in SD.


YouTube Background:Third times a charm right?

Well… maybe not.  A flood on the morning of the shoot meant we had two choices. Reschedule or wing it in the room upstairs. All things considered we didn’t do too badly.


YouTube Background:Turns out making films is a lot hard work. Cast drops out. Locations get double booked. What was meant to be a quick shoot and a simple joke ironiclly took months of work.

Synopsis: April wants a baby. Can she convince Tommy this is a great idea?




Showreel Scenes Created From Scratch:

Here’s a selection of some of our best showreel scenes we’ve created to date. As part of our showreel service we create showreels completely from scratch.

This means:

  • We write scripts for all our actors.
  • We source locations.
  • We find actors.
  • We edit the scenes making the actors the focus.

We also made a few ground rules for our showreel scenes:

  • Keep them short.
  • Keep them interesting.
  • Never repeat. We never shoot the same scene twice. That script was made for the actors in mind.

We’ve made a lot of showreel scenes in the last ten years. Below are some of our personal favourites.

Click on an image below to view the video:

11AM Created by Shoe String Filming Waiting Created by Shoe String Filming James Created by Shoe String Filming Flowers To Pot Created by Shoe String Filming
The Score Created by Shoe String Filming Evidence Created by Shoe String Filming Listen and Respond Created by Shoe String Filming The Truth Created by Shoe String Filming


Army Short Film Created by Shoe String Filming Experience Created by Shoe String Filming Searching Created by Shoe String Filming
Apple Created by Shoe String Filming Trust Created by Shoe String Filming Toby Created by Shoe String Filming Kindle Created by Shoe String Filming
Hide and Seek Created by Shoe String Filming The boss Created by Shoe String Filming One Drink Created by Shoe String Filming Conversations With Darren Created by Shoe String Filming



What do you think of our movies?:

We would love to hear from you. If you just watched one of our films and have any feedback or questions please get in touch.