On this page you will find all of our latest offers and discounts available on our showreel service.

Theses deals are not fixed and are subject to change. To be eligible for a deal you must inform us of the deal you’re eligible for at the time of booking.   On the booking form please put the deal code in the “message section”.

Loyalty Discount 

Have we edited a showreel for you before?

If the answer is yes you qualify for our loyalty discount!  You’re showreel edit will only cost you £80 if you have your showreel re-edited with us.

All you have to do is mention in the booking form that you had a showreel edited by us previously (it would be helpful if you knew when) and we’ll happily give you the discount.

Graduates: (Deal Code – DSGrad)

Showreel editing – £70

To qualify for this discount you must have graduated or be graduating from one of the following drama schools in 2022/2023:

Please include a link to your graduate spotlight link when applying for this discount.
Former Drama Schools