Getting funding these days is extremely difficult. There are hundreds of companies and individuals all looking for funding but there simply isn’t enough money to go around. To make matters worse the government announced in 2011 they would be cutting funding to the arts. In short – They did cut funding and it has had a devastating effect on many organisations. This meant competition is even more fierce when it comes to funding. It has only got worse ever since.

The Effect On Shoe String Filming

We are micro budget. That means we work on the smallest of budgets. Forget your hundred thousand pounds funding an indie flick, we are talking seriously low money. The majority of our films are self funded and our most expensive film to date has cost us £2000. We need as much support and help as humanly possible. However with everyone feeling the pinch smaller companies like ours are struggling to getting funding approved.

How You Can Help

 You can support us in more ways then one.


This is an awesome way to help us. You need to buy some stuff on Amazon? Check this out click this link here to do your shopping:

Now just shop as normal. Amazon will kick back a small percentage of your purchase back to us. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you’ll be helping us out in the process. If you’re going to spend the money anyway why not help fund us at the same time for no extra cost! Everyone’s a winner!


Spread the word:

Another very easy way to support us is via our youtube channel. Go to www.youtube.com search for Shoe String Filming and watch and support our work. Give us a thumbs up if you like what you see and if you don’t like one of our films please send us a message and lets us know your thoughts. We are always keen to receive constructive criticism to help us grow and develop our skills.

Make a donation 

 If you would like to support us and our work and help us fund new and exciting projects please feel free to make a donation below, no amount is too small. Anyone making a donation will be credited in our films and will receive special mention at any events we’re invited to.

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