Here you can find a selection of showreels we’ve had the pleasure of editing or creating from scratch.

These will be primarily actors showreels. However, we also have some showreels from other industry professionals such as presenters and directors included as well.

Please have a look and enjoy the range of different videos featured.

All the videos are hosted on our Youtube channel please make sure you have the correct browser settings to view youtube videos.

New videos will be added automatically so please check back regularly as we add more videos to our youtube channel. Or ideally click out youtube button at the bottom of the page and subscribe to our channel to hear about all our new videos!

Please note some of the reels we’ve edited/created originally featured content from major film and television companies. Theses companies don’t allow there footage to be shown on youtube. This is mainly for copyright reasons.This means in some of the reels below we have had some footage substituted to meet legal requirements. However if you were to check the actors Spotlight page you’ll find an alternative reel were this footage is pressent.

On another legal note: To the best of our knowledge no videos feature on this gallery breach copyright. All videos were scanned by Youtube’s strict copyright laws/regulations and no warnings were given on any videos for breach of copyright. Thus leading us to believe all videos have been uploaded legally. To the best of our knowledge any music feature in videos (not created by us)was allowed by the artist furthermore the actor in question to the best of our knowledge seeked permission to use  specific music on there video.

If any video is found to have been in breach of copyright or if anyone would like to dispute this we will immediately remove the video until the dispute is settled.  The vast majority of videos below will have orignal soundtracks.


Below are some examples of actors showreels that have been edited from pre-exsiting footage (£100)

Click here for more details on our showreel editing service.

To view all the videos in the playlist click the word playlist in the video below:


Below are some examples of actors showreels that have been created from scratch

Click here for more details on our created from scratch service .

To view all the videos in the playlist click the word playlist in the video below:

Actors Showreels

​Here are a few examples of some recent actors showreels we’ve edited.

Greg Hughes Acting Showreel, london showreel editor, showreel editing Catherine Guy Showreel, Showreel editing , london showreel editor Tom Skyes, London Showreel Editor , Shoe String FIlming London Showreel Editor , John Sears

Presenter Showreels

Here are a few examples of some recent presenter showreels we’ve edited.

Pradeep Presenting still, london showreel editor, showreels, Dawn Presenting reel, london showreel editor, showreels

Director Showreels

Here are a few examples of some recent director showreels we’ve edited.

Alex directors reel, london showreel, london showreel editors alexandre reel , london showreel editor

Commercial Showreel

​Here are a few examples of some recent commercial showreels we’ve edited.

London showreel editor, Greg Commerical reel london showreel editor

Stunts Showreel

Here is a example of a recent stunt showreels we’ve edited.

london showreel editor

Our best showreels

When actors book with us they normally refer to one of our previous showreels as an example of the style of showreel they would like. We’ve found a few particular showreels are continually mentioned as being our best showreels.

Have look at the showreels other actors, directors and presenters are calling our best work.

showreels by shoe string filming