Looking for a London Showreel Editor ? After a cheap showreel for actors? Maybe you want the best showreel possible? What makes the best showreel for actors? Look no further. We are established showreel editors based in London. We can make the best showreel from your material and help you stand out from the crowd at an affordable price.

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If you’re an actor and you want to work in the film/television industry you should have a showreel. A showreel is a short video clip that shows you at your very best. It highlights your strengths and puts you in the best possible light to agents and casting directors.

Many casting services, such as Spotlight and Casting Call Pro, do encourage all their clients to upload a showreel as some casting directors may only be searching for actors with reels! It’s also extremely helpful if you can’t make an audition, you have an alternative, you can email over your reel and if it’s good enough you could even be cast directly from that reel! Also just to think on a larger scale for international projects, if you’re interested in a role but can’t afford the £600 to hop on a plane to audition, how else can you show a casting director what you can do? This theory also can be applied to smaller projects; a lot of independent / student film groups can’t always afford a rehearsal space for long periods of time. You sending them a showreel immediately makes things easier for them.

So if you don’t have a showreel maybe it’s time you consider getting one.You can get a showreel one of two ways. You can either find some Professional work, Student Productions and Low Budget work and gradually over time build up a library of footage. Or you can pay a company to create a reel from scratch.

Here at Shoe String Filming we tailor to both markets.

Please note videos featured below are hosted by our Vimeo & Youtube channels please allow all videos to load before playing them back; this prevents jumping and pausing on slower Internet connections. Also for the sake of loading times HD has been turned off on the majority of the videos on this site.


If you have some existing footage from various sources we can edit together a new reel for you.

We take your footage. We edit your footage. We then email you a finished copy of your showreel via , we make a copy easily available via our YouTube channel which allows you to email and host your showreel on your website. We can even upload your new reel to Spotlight and Casting Call Pro (See our uploading page) if you want.

Most showreels can be edited within a week! (However, please note that this is dependent upon the quantity of material & your personal requirements; this week’s turnaround could be considerably longer/shorter).

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Showreel Examples

For a full range of showreels please visit our YouTube Channel.

 Continuous Acting Showreels  :

showreels that just have acting and no gimmicks 

  • Quickly show a casting director your ability.
  • The most efficent edit possible.
  • Showing off your top scenes.
  • Keeping the entire showreel 3minutes or under.

 Showreels With Montages :

Gimmick Showreels featuring montages that show short collections of an actors work accompanied with a musical track of their choice and title effects. 

  • Show off some personality with a track of your choice.
  • Show off a wider range of material and roles quickly.
  • Using editing tricks to make your showreel more memorable.

  Our Most Popular Showreels:

These showreels have a huge number of hits on our YouTube Channel and are still getting more views day by day why not check them out yourself and see what all the fuss is about.


If you’re just starting out in the industry ,or if you have just come out of training. You may have no existing footage to use in a showreel. Why not create a unique and bespoke showreel from scratch?


  • We discuss your casting ranges and try to build an idea of the best characters to show your range.
  • We write scenes designed to highlight and showcase an actors strengths.
  • We find a mutual shoot date/dates.
  • Shoot your scenes in full HD.
  • Edit your scenes and email across previews.
  • Once your invoice is fully paid, we email across the final cut and make a download link available on our showreel downloads page.

We don’t use any custom templates like other companies.  Your scenes are written for you and are only used in your reel.

If you have any existing footage we can incorporate it with your new scenes to create a showreel. (See prices page)

The reel will be shot in HD using our industry standard professional equipment.

We normally film in and around London because we are based in East London. For those of you based outside of London, don’t despair, please drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

Any actor wanting to have a showreel shot from scratch must be completely off book! The reason for this is simple; the better prepared you are, the better your scene will turn out! In an hour we have enough time to give you: a rehearsal, talk about the character and shoot several angles. Before you arrive we will already have the equipment and lighting set up to save you time. So once you’re warmed up we can begin shooting straight away! This is the exact same as being on any film set. We treat each showreel scene as if it’s a mini-film and just as you’d expect professional results, we in turn expect to work with professional actors.It’s essential you are completely off book for your shoot.


Click on an image below to view the video:

11AM Created by Shoe String Filming Waiting Created by Shoe String Filming James Created by Shoe String Filming Flowers To Pot Created by Shoe String Filming
The Score Created by Shoe String Filming Evidence Created by Shoe String Filming Listen and Respond Created by Shoe String Filming The Truth Created by Shoe String Filming
Army Short Film Created by Shoe String Filming Experience Created by Shoe String Filming Searching Created by Shoe String Filming
Apple Created by Shoe String Filming Trust Created by Shoe String Filming Toby Created by Shoe String Filming Kindle Created by Shoe String Filming
Hide and Seek Created by Shoe String Filming The boss Created by Shoe String Filming One Drink Created by Shoe String Filming Conversations With Darren Created by Shoe String Filming

 VHS to DVD, Website downloads?

Some actors have been acting for a while and before DVD recording and downloading was standard , VHS or video tapes used to be the standard format. If you have old footage or footage you taped off the tele and now want it in your reel or just want a DVD copy or multi formatted copy we can help.

We can take old VHS footage or Taped footage and give it a new life, we can even colour correct if necessary.

In other cases maybe you were given a “Youtube” link showing off your acting skills (this is common in student films and in some viral projects). You have taken the video off “Youtube” now how do you get it into a reel?

Simple send us over the footage and we can edit the footage for you and select your best bits highlighting your strengths.

Sadly There is a downside to Videos and Website footage, the quality obtainable (even with correction) is entirely dependent on the original source material. So if your VHS is a little bit battered and jumps in a VHS player , or if the quality of the video you downloaded is reasonably poor , there will only be so much work you can do to correct this. What we’ll do is review your footage and let you know before you invest any money how good the final reels quality can be.

The Bill Footage - Mark Zammit Scene Ian crowe Footage Pradep Jey showreel with vhs vootage

Before booking a showreel from scratch please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions by clicking here. 

Use our booking form today and get you’re own unique showreel!

I need a new showreel but I’m worried about the cost!

We Offer Cheap Actors Showreels Compared To Our Competitors

Coming from an acting background we know how tough this industry can be.  Our goal is to make showreels as affordable as possible. A showreel just like a headshot is an investment in your career. You need to make sure you have the best, CV, headshot and showreel to give you the best chance to stand out from the crowd and create more oppertunites.

How can we do this?

  • We check our competitors’ prices and ensure we are competitively priced.
  • We offer discounts for drama school graduates just joining the industry.
  • Returning customers pay a discounted rate.

Our best showreels

When actors book with us they normally refer to one of our previous showreels as an example of the style of showreel they would like. We’ve found a few particular showreels are continually mentioned as being our best showreels.

Have look at the showreels other actors, directors and presenters are calling our best work.

showreels by shoe string filming

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