About Us

Shoe String Filming is a London based film company founded by actor/writer Alexandre Ross in 2006. We are established showreel editors, proven to create awesome acting showreels showcasing an actors best work. We have created showreels for actors which have helped them in gaining more work and even representation. Please refer to our dedicated showreel service pages for more information. In addition to this we make features, shorts, music videos and occasionally work in the corporate field. We are a company that is proud to be known for, not only the quality of our work, but also the calibre of people we work with. We only work with people who genuinely want to create something special. The vast majority of our projects are entered into film festivals or are screened in small venues across London. To find out more about Alexandre Ross as an actor please visit his official website: www.alexandreross.com


A showreel is a short collection of clips that highlight your ability. A strong showreel can help you gain more castings and interest from agents. The best showreel is one that keeps the viewer engaged and doesn’t outstay its welcome. This is why it’s important to update your showreel regularly and ensure it’s easily accessible.

We have been creating showreels for actors, directors and presenters for over ten years. Please check out our showreel section for much more information on how we can create the best showreel for you.

Showreels For Actors

A showreel has become indispensable for actors in the last ten years. Previously, actors were solely reliant on what they could do inside the audition room and the strengths of their agent. Now, a showreel is vital for an actor in creating opportunites for you.

We’ve worked extensively with agents and casting directors, so we know what they want to see in an actors’ showreel. You can be assured that booking a showreel with Shoe String Filming will highlight your best work and be exactly what they’re looking for.

To see samples of our showreels please check out our showreel editing page.

Acting Showreel, Commercial Showreel and Special Skill Showreel

You might think you need to cram everything into one showreel, the logic being, we need to paint a big picture of everything you can do as a performer. In reality, everyone is looking for something different. What a commercial director will be looking for, is very different from what a television director may be looking for. Many actors are getting commercial showreels for their commercial agents to use.

It’s not unusual to have multiple showreels available instantly online to market yourself. If you are highly skilled in a particular field, it’s a fantastic idea to have a special skill showreel to show off this ability. Special skill showreels work alongside you current showreel and CV.