We have details on all our future/upcoming projects in this section. This where you can read breakdowns of projects and apply accordingly if a project interests you.
Currently Casting: 

We are not currently casting for any projects.


  • Do you post casting breakdowns? 

All of our casting breakdowns will also be available online at Casting Call Pro & Spotlight when shoot dates have been confirmed. However the majority of projects will appear here first.

  • When applying for a  acting role what will I need? 

The guidelines will normally be on our breakdown, however as a rule of thumb.

All actors applying must apply with a showreel, headshot and CV (Spotlight CV’s preferred).

  • How much do you pay ?

All our projects have diffrent budgets.

Each breakdown with have specific details on this.

  • Do I get a copy of the film ?


  • Do you enter films into festivals ?