Have you been looking for a showreel editor? Look no further. We are established showreel editors based in London.



  1.  Get all your footage together – all your DVD’s, video links YouTube etc, Files on your computer.
  2. Make notes of your best scenes you want to include :  Scene 1 – 01min 23 second – 01min 45 seconds.
  3. Make a booking on our website page by clicking here.
  4. We’ll email you back confirming your booking, you now just need to send us your footage.
  5. We’ll make your showreel and email you a draft. You can accept it or ask for changes. 
  6. Once you’re happy we’ll email you the finished showreel via 

1) How Much Do You Charge?


2) How Long Does It Take To Edit?

Most showreels take less then 5 days to edit. Our fastest turnover has been 2hours! It depends on how organised you are as an actor, the quality, location, and format of your footage.

3) Can I Sit In On The Edit?


4) How Do I Receive my Showreel?

We email a file directly to your from We also make a download available from our showreel download page. We can either upload the showreel to Spotlight or CCP for free as long as you provide us with your log in details.

5) Do I Get A DVD?

Only upon request and there will be an additional charge for this service and for the postage.

Showreel Examples

For a full range of showreels please visit our YouTube Channel or Vimeo Channel.

Continuous Acting Showreels  : showreels that just have acting and no gimmicks 

  • Quickly show a casting director your ability.
  • The most efficent edit possible.
  • Showing off your top scenes.
  • Keeping the entire showreel 3minutes or under.

 Showreels With Montages :Gimmick Showreels featuring montages that show short collections of an actors work accompanied with a musical track of their choice and title effects. 

  • Show off some personality with a track of your choice.
  • Show off a wider range of material and roles quickly.
  • Using editing tricks to make your showreel more memorable.

Our Most Popular Showreels:These showreels have a huge number of hits on our YouTube Channel and are still getting more views day by day why not check them out yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Take advantage by using a experienced showreel editor

We have been creating showreels for over ten years. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can save you a lot of time by giving you advice that will help you stand out.

We work closely with agents, casting directors and directors to ensure we know what’s currently expected from an actors showreel.

We use industry standard software, Final Cut Pro, to create all of our showreels. We email across the finished showreel in two resolutions SD and HD. We also have preemptively thought about website restrictions. Sometimes websites have upload limits, this is why we give you the showreel in two different file sizes. The larger file size will be at full resolution and the smaller file will be a compressed video, both however will look awesome.

We have found that some actors panic and struggle uploading a showreel to their website or casting service. Don’t worry about a thing. If you get really stuck we can help and upload the files for you just get in touch.

Whatever your situation we are ready to help you every step of the way.

Book your showreel now by clicking here.

You guys are London showreel editors, if I’m not from London can i still get a showreel? 

Of course you can!

We work with actors all across the globe. Most recently we’ve worked with actors based in ; America, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand.

There may be a time zone difference but as long as you can get online we’re happy to help to you out. We do all our communications through email so it’s super easy.

On that note, another common question we get asked is around the currency we use. We charge in British Pounds.